Forschungsprojekt mit TWT-Beteiligung ausgezeichnet

Das europäische Forschungprojekt MODELISAR wurde am 31. Oktober 2012 bei der ARTEMIS-ITEA 2 Co Summit in Paris als innovatives Projekt ausgezeichnet. Unter 90 Forschungsprojekten belegte MODELISAR den zweiten Platz.

"The ITEA board has been impressed by the way in which the MODELISAR project has closed the loop between the Modelica simulation environment and AutoSar, the automotive standard. Dynamic modelling of different software systems can be used together for software, model and hardware-in-the-loop simulation and for embedded software - a sort of plug-and-play approach for components in the simulation framework. More than 30 different tools incorporating the MODELISAR approach are available. Fast exploitation is abundant, from Daimler's intention to use FMI in future gearbox projects to TWT's use of MODELISAR results to address the concept of an all-electric aircraft." (Quelle: ITEA Achievement Award 2012 Zertifikat)