Functional Mock-Up Trust Centre


Acceleration of the digital development process by early availability of IP protected models and realistic simulation in collaborative work

Collaborative development of components and systems

Protection of intellectual property in any FMI compatible FMU or other interfaces

Twice the security by encrypting models for a certain FMTC and activated users

Binding documentation and traceability by electronic signatures



Datasheet Functional Mock-Up Trust Centre [German only]


The Functional Mock-Up Trust Centre (FMTC) enables the integration of protected, FMI-compatible FMUs into co-simulations and fully protect the intellectual property. The models are encrypted before uploading them into the FMTC and only can be decrypted temporarily by the FMTC for simulation.

A dedicated server with sealed hardware is needed to operate an FMTC. This prevents unnoticed access to the models that are temporarily decrypted for simulation, similar to sealed hardware prototypes that are provided by suppliers in early development stages.



Protection of intellectual property of FMI-compliant FMUs
Server software for storing and running simulation models
Web front-end to upload the FMUs and configure access rights
Roles and rights management
Connects directly to the TWT CoSimLab or can be integrated into FMI environments as FMU