Why CoSimLab?

Connection of existing and validated submodels to a secured holistic model

Increase of the submodel simulation via parallel execution

Model excution with their simulation tools via online connection 

Easy interpretation due to realistic demonstration

Target group specific notification of results



Datasheet TWT CoSimLab [German only]



The CoSimLab is a key tool to setup and run co-simulations. The individual simulations are connected to each other by defined signals and thereby can also be run on different computers within the network.

Besides exported FMI-compatible models (FMUs), external simulations can also be connected online. Amongst further benefits, this allows troubleshooting more easily, as the models are executed in their respective simulation tools. Furthermore, the online simulation allows the connecting of non-functional simulations, such as structural analysis, multi-body systems or fluid dynamics.

The graphical user interface facilitates the configuration and observation of the running simulation. It also provides functionality for a first post-processing.



Graphical User Interface

    Numerous options for connecting simulation models
    TWT FMU-Connector: Integration of FMI-compatible FMUs
    TWT Co-Sim Adapter: Online connection of different simulation tools
    • Matlab/Simulink
    • StarCCM+
    • Dymola/Modelica
    • Qucs
      Connection of the protected  TWT FMTC (Functional Mock-Up Trust Centre) to ensure the safety of intellectual property
      Online simulation via network
      Decentralized distribution of FMUs to other computers in the network

        Pausing and re-starting of simulations and their partial models

        Namespace-concept for signals
        Solves the problem of identical signal names
        Groups signals for better overview
        Re-use of models in a simluation

          The entire Co-Simulation can be used as an FMU within other simulations.