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The products of TWT GmbH Science & Innovation not only benefit from years of experience in simulation for digital product development in engineering, but also from in-depth knowledge and experience in modeling & numerical simulation as well as software development. Our products automate and optimize simulation processes, allow the combination of different types of simulations in co-simulations, and make it easier to assess and analyze large and complex simulation results.

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 In the focus: Tronis®

Tronis® is an environment for the virtual prototyping and safeguarding of advanced driver assistance systems, e.g. for highly automated or autonomous driving. Based on a modern and modular 3D gaming engine, driving situations and traffic scenarios can be efficiently imaged and tested, e.g. for camera and radar-based environmental detection.

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In the focus: Real-Driving-Emissions
1-Click Route Generation with Veris®

Veris® allows in-depth planning of on-road tests
with respect to an extensive list of settings.



Visualization Toolbox
Analyze and represent

The Visualization Toolbox is a modular
visualization software for displaying simulation results.
It is capable of visualizing complex simulation results,
for example of multi-body simulations or structural mechanics.

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