The SimCenter provides an easy way to define the simulation process for a large number of model and parameter variants, and to structure the entire simulation process. The simulation and analysis processes are defined by user-defined scripts or plugins, so that the application is independent of any specific simulation or analysis tool. This way commercial and user-specific solvers as well as analysis routines can be used. The status of the simulation project can always be easily identified through the straightforward and clear layout of the Variants Test Suite.

The distinction between expert, modeler and user mode structures the workflow-based simulation process. A clear graphical user interface simplifies modifying parameters or replacing partial-models and guides the user through the entire simulation process.


Thereby the SimCenter allows the design engineer to structure and automate an entire simulation project, especially with a large number of models and variants.



Datasheet TWT SimCenter  [German only]





Independent of specific simulation tools
Definition of variants using parameter variation an replacing partial models
Run simulations in batch mode
Automated post-processing
Archiving results