“Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Transfer” (technical-scientific transfer) means the rapid implementation of scientific expertise into technologically advanced projects covering both engineering and IT services. Founded in 1986 at the Stuttgart Technology Center (Technologiezentrum Stuttgart), TWT employs around 300 people at six local offices in Stuttgart, Böblingen, Weissach, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt and Berlin.

Through our four sectors of automotive, aerospace, healthcare and energy, we supply our customers with state-of-the-art solutions meeting their technological demands. Furthermore we are constantly driving innovation through our own research, either independently or in the scope of German and European funded research. TWT offers everything from a wide field of expertise to closely connected, forward-thinking teams, as well as a professional level of customer orientation - an ideal foundation for successful cooperation with our international business and research partners.

Our claim WE KNOW HOW sums up short and to the point what TWT stands for:
Expertise and profound know-how in numerous disciplines. In addition, TWT offers an inspiring foresight and professional customer orientiation – this builds the optimal basis for a successful collaboration with international business and research partners.



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